PPL Nightlight Fire in Township

On 3/31/2017 at 1918 UAFD was dispatched along with other first alarm units to the 10th block of Conway Dr for a reported odor of something burning. Chief 23 and Chief 223 arrived and started to investigate and speak with the homeowner. Chief 23 then held the box to engine 23. Engine 23 arrived and found that the odor was coming from a night light in the kitchen that had caught fire but had burned itself out. Power was secured to the breaker and engine 23 used a thermal imaging camera and heat gun and confirmed that there was no fire extension into the wall.

The homeowner advised that they received the LED nightlight in a  energy-efficiency kit that PPL sent out. UAFD cleared the scene after approximately 20 minutes.

Since this call news has broken that PPL is now urging customers to stop using the nightlights after multiple other reports of smoke and fire from the units.

Ecova, is the contractor that distributed the lights for PPL. Customers with questions about the nightlight can call Ecova at1-877-486-9204.

**written by Kevin Prest