Captain’s Drill Night…….TRUCK OPS

November 21st, 2013

November 19, 2013 Upper Allen Fire Department held our weekly training with Captain Drill Night.  Captain Ryan Kunkel started off the night with some classroom talking about Truck Ops.  After that everyone geared up and went out back to perform truck work on the roof simulator.  Crew were split up and covered “Banging Ladders”, Tool Familiarization, Truck 23 Set up, and ventilation practice on the pitched roof.   In all 14 members attend training and had a nice night working with each other.

20131119_201052 (1)

Firefighters M.Murphy and M. Latsha working on Roof

Captain R. Kunkel and FF K. Clouser doing some cutting.

Captain R. Kunkel and FF K. Clouser doing some cutting.


Firefighters J. Heffelfinger and C. Wilkinson working on Truck 23

UAFD Crew getting ready for Truck Ops.

UAFD Crew getting ready for Truck Ops.



Vehicle Fire on Sleepy Hollow Dr.

November 21st, 2013

Engine 123 just arriving on scene

Crew doing overhaul

Crew doing overhaul

Working on hot spots

Working on hot spots


Firefighter K. Prest and Chief 123 Shumberger working putting out fire.


November 19, 2013 Upper Allen Fire Department was called out for a reported vehicle fire at 308 Sleepy Hollow Dr. in the township.  Chief 223 and Engine 123 responded shortly after dispatch (1525) and Chief 223 arrived to find fully involved van that contained paint and supplies.  Engine 223 and Tanker 23 also responded and assisted at the scene.  All units cleared about 35 minutes on scene with no injuries reported.

UAFD assists with 4-alarm Fire Visaggio’s Restaurant

November 10th, 2013







Co 23 working double duty on the building fire in Silver Spring Township. Engine 123 crew assisted Co. #25  RIT operations. Tanker 23 was also on scene in the tanker shuttle.  Both units placed available around 2230hrs

UAFD assists with Fire in Monaghan Township

November 9th, 2013

November 9, 2013  UAFD was called to assist is a Structure Fire along the 300 Block of Grantham Rd. in Monaghan Twp.  Chief 123 arrived and confirmed dispatch.  Engine 223 arrived shortly after Engine 67 and established a dump site for water ops.  Truck 23 arrived and assisted with manpower and Chief 23 assisted Engine 223.  Tanker 23 was the first Tanker on scene and dumped (1) load before a supply line from Engine 65 was established to scene.  Transfers from #13 WSBF and Truck #36  were in station 23  and we “THANK THEM” for coming out to help.

photos by curt werner







Don’t Forget About Smoke Alarms This Weekend!!!!

November 1st, 2013

A good time to remember to check your smoke alarm
and change the batteries is when you change your
clocks twice a year as daylight savings time begins and ends.
 Once you’re out,Stay out!

Remember, almost every day a smoke alarms saves someone life