National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day commemorates the heroic acts of the men and women who are there first on the scene of an emergency.
This day is all about showing appreciation for firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, police, and others who risk their lives to save others.
Thank you to all UPPER TWP. ALLEN FIRE DEPT. members!!!!!
What to do on National First Responders Day?
Show your appreciation for your local first responders by rallying a group of people together to bake some delicious treats and write thank-you cards and distribute them
After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, police officer Sean Collier was shot and murdered, while responding to reports of a disturbance. In his honor, his brother Andrew Collier fought to start a movement of support for the country’s first responders, with the help of the All Clear Foundation.
The movement grew in popularity with those who wanted to pay their respects to the people who do this dangerous work.
On May 18, 2017, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tom Cotton proposed the establishment of National First Responders Day as an official observance. It was only on June 7, 2019, that the resolution passed in the Senate, designating October 28 as National First Responders Day.