2018 calls

Training 09/15/2020

Last evening, the UAFD was at the acquired house again for training.  The smoke you see is from a smoke machine.  NO we did not light the house on fire!  Members worked on their Engine and Truck Company functions again, with some more run in drills with different scenarios. Afterwards, members went over how to breach through interior walls and also worked on making a window into a door.


Truck Company Operations

Due to having the monthly department meeting Tuesday evening, we weren’t able to train and decided to hold a special Wednesday night training. Opportunities like having an acquired structure for real hands-on training doesn’t come often so we didn’t want to waste it.
Members that are newer to truck company operations learned skills for roof/vertical venting, window/horizontal venting, forcible entry, and overhaul.

Training 09/01/2020

UAFD spent the evening training in the rain at one of our acquired structures before being demolished.  Crews worked on run in drills with the engine advancing, charged handlines through a house filled with simulated smoke and flowed water inside on a simulated fire.  The truck crew worked on search and rescue, and ventilation for the interior crew.