2018 calls

Mutual Aid Fire Call

UAFD along with several other fire companies, assisted Monaghan Township Fire Department on house fire on E. Mt. Airy Road yesterday.

Photos Courtesy of Curt Werner

Training 02/23/2021

Last night was the 2nd night of rider qualifications.  Firefighters were able to get Truck and Squad Company qualifications complete, as well as dump site setup for the Tanker.  The following were performed:

Truck – throw ladders, climb a ladder with a pack and carrying a tool, go over and start chainsaws, and climb the Tower Ladder at full extension at a 55° angle.

Squad – set up and run an extrication tool, stabilize a vehicle, deploy the rescue tarp and stage equipment.
Tanker – set up the fold-a-tank for dump site.

Delectable Dinner Fundraiser

We are partnering with Strock Enterprises for a delectable fundraiser! Order your hot, ready-to-eat dinner and pick up at Strock’s farm with their easy drive through system!  As always, thank you for your support!

For additional details and/or to order see blow:

Thursday, March 4th (deadline to order March 2nd) … ??UA Fire 3/4 Pick-up Meal | Strock Enterprises

Thursday, March 11th (deadline to order March 9th) …  ?UA Fire 3/11 Pick-up Meal | Strock Enterprises




Cleaning Night at UAFD

It was a busy night at UAFD!  Firefighters got together to clean and wax the Truck.  They also cleaned all of the Trucks compartments, unloaded the 5” on the Engine, flipped the hose load for even wear, and to help with longevity of the hose, reloaded it and scrubbed the bay floors.