Fire Police

The Upper Allen Fire Department utilizes specifically trained volunteers called Fire Police Officers to assist in handling emergency situations within Upper Allen Township and surrounding areas. These officers are empowered by the municipality of Upper Allen to direct traffic, control crowds, and secure fire scenes. They respond to fire department incidents in POVs (Personally Operated Vehicle) or in the department traffic unit. The UAFP can also be requested to assist other fire police agencies of neighboring departments when extra manpower and resources are required. Fire Police Officers can be tasked with various other duties such as road closures, public events, parade details or assisting the police department as needed. If you are interested in becoming a Fire Police Officer, contact Captain Woolverton at or fill out an application for membership and check “Fire Police.”

UAFP 2020 Roster:
Fire Police Captain Kevin Woolverton
Fire Police Lieutenant Dave Shafer

Fire Police Officers:
Parker Beatty             Mark Stefanowicz
Jeff Stefanowicz      Stephen Reitnour      Milt Black