Live-in Program

The purpose of the live-in program at UAFD is to help generate manpower to protect the citizens of the community while offering a once in a lifetime experience.  The UAFD responds to approx. 500 emergencies a year which allows live-ins to gain knowledge and experience with a large variety of calls.

The UAFD currently has two live-ins in its active live-in program.  There are two types within the live-in program.  You can either be a full member with full firefighter status, or you can participate in the college-student live-in program where prior membership, training and experience are not necessary.

As a live-in within the UAFD, you receive: NFPA complaint fire gear, class A uniform, free training, free laundry facilities, full kitchen facilities, full weight room, a bunk-bed area with dresser and a closet, free internet/Wi-Fi and computer usage, and premium cable TV.  Furthermore, you have a seat on the first rig out the door.

What does UAFD ask from you?  We get your response to incidents when you are on station, commitment to attendance at training, meetings, fund-raisers, and public relations events.

If you have any questions, want further information, or wish for a tour please email  Feel free to check out the applicable sections in the Standard Operations Manual under Department Resources.