Appreciation Dinner

Thanks to Representative Sheryl Delozier for hosting a First Responders Appreciation Drive Through Dinner last evening! A thoughtful event with delicious food!

Training 10/27/2020

Last evening, firefighters honed their skills throwing ladders to windows and roof edges. The newer “green helmets” learned how to set the truck up and fly the bucket around.
(“Green helmets” is a term for new members who have not yet had enough training to receive their own assignment at a fire scene and are still in training. As you may have guessed, the green helmet is worn so those commanding a fire scene can easily recognize those still in training.)

Route 15 Crash


On the evening of October 15th, Lieutenant 3-23 heard and discovered an auto accident on Route 15 North by the Winding Hill exit. A car had crashed into the back of a road construction vehicle, and minor injuries were sustained. Route 15 North was closed temporarily for clean up.

Events Canceled for Remainder of Year

As you may have noticed, we made the sad decision several months ago to cancel events for the remainder of the year. We are approaching what is usually a busy time for the department and wanted to ensure everyone is aware of this. We are disappointed to be missing so many events and hope to be back to our regular schedule next year. Go away, Covid!