Never Forget – A 20 Year Remembrance

Never Forget – A 20 Year Remembrance

A crisp fall day dawned, much like today,
Twenty years ago.
Our day began the usual way;
What was to come, we didn’t know.

To school, to work, to household chores,
We rushed along busily;
Another ordinary day it seemed
With routines and normalcy.

The cowardly terrorists struck that morn;
They hijacked passenger planes,
Destruction and evilness on their minds,
Eager to cause great pain.

They crashed those planes into our towers
And the Pentagon, but when they tried
That fourth attempt, they were
Met with their demise.

To eradicate American liberty,
They sought to crush our soul
But didn’t know who they were dealing with
And failed to achieve their goal.

Disbelief and shock set in
As we witnessed the horror unfold,
Then fear and quickly after that
Our anger took ahold.

We watched the towers collapse inward,
A heap of dust and debris;
Darkness descended all around
And engulfed NYC.

The fire trucks came screaming in
Through the smoky haze; ready to
Rescue the helpless and trapped,
There was so much work to do.

So many brothers and sisters
In this red line family
Gave their lives on this tragic day –
Those courageous 343.

Since then, we’ll never forget
The tragedy, the pain.
The lives we lost, the courage shown,
The world forever changed.

In solemn remembrance,
We teach posterity
So history won’t repeat itself
And we’ll protect our liberty.

A bold red, white, and blue symbol
Flying in the sky
Embodies American freedom and hope,
With terrorists we will never, ever comply.

This day won’t be forgotten,
We must always remember.
What happened that day
On the 11th of September.

These pictures show Ladder 118 of the FDNY crossing the Brooklyn Bridge headed to the World Trade Center. All 6 firefighters aboard were among the 343 firefighters lost that day. We will not forget their efforts and sacrifice. #NeverForget

*20 year anniversary of September 11th, 2001*

Morning Motorcycle Crash

This morning at 09:30, the Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of W Winding Hill Road and S York Street for an auto accident involving a motorcycle.   Squad and Utility 23 responded to handle debris clean up and traffic control.

Be Prepared for a Fire

September is National Preparedness Month, and a great time to make sure you have measures in place to protect your family in case of a fire should the unthinkable happen. Be sure to have active, working smoke alarms inside and outside every bedroom and on each level of your house. Devise a home escape plan by locating 2 ways out of each room and your house; it’s a good idea to practice your plan as well.

Knowing the risks and how fire works can help you be as prepared as possible.

Power Line on Fire

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 around 6:45pm, UAFD was dispatched to Hellam Drive for a reported power-line down in the backyard near a pool. Company 23 arrived to find the line still active. Squad 23 acquired a water source in case it would have spread to the structure/house. Units remained on scene for about 45 minutes until the power grid was shut down and the area was safe.