JeNelle Foster

Training 05/31/2022

Last night for training, we toured the Upper Allen Township Sewage Treatment Plant. The staff showed us the pumping stations and we reviewed all the safety items in case of an emergency.


Training 05/24/2022

Last night for training, Deputy Chief started off with a air pack demonstration. Afterwards, we performed run-in’s with the air packs at our training tower located at the station. We advanced lines inside and also used our forcible entry simulator by using both crews from the engine and truck.

Training 05/17/2022

Last night for training, UAFD joined Naval Support Co. 37 and Mechanicsburg Fire Department Co. 29, to tour the new apartment buildings that are being built at Legacy Park.

After the tour, the Engine and Squad crew checked out some hydrants in the new development to make sure they are functional and in service.


Training 05/07/2022

Today is the fourth and final day of Aerial Apparatus training. UAFD is at HACC today with the Engine and Truck. Big thanks to United Hook and Ladder out of Adams County for bringing their Engine and crew to cover the township while we are out.