Incidents from 1994


Heavy snow (approximately two feet) fell in the region during the first week of January. Throughout January and into February, numerous flooding, snow removal, and building collapse calls were answered by the fire department.


7th – Transferred during a building fire at the Ships Parts Control Center in Mechanicsburg. Units remained on the scene for six hours.

18th – Assisted by Company 28 (Washington of Mechanicsburg), units mitigated a propane leak at Messiah College, Units remained on the scene for nearly seven hours.

28th – Assisted York County Company 67 (Monaghan Township) with two fires two hours apart. The first, a mobile home fire at 233 W. Siddonsburg Rd.. The second, a stubborn chimney fire at 516 N. Lewisberry Rd..


14th – Assisted Company 12 (Lower Allen Fire Company) with an auto accident, vehicle overturned, on Rt. 15 southbound at Rossmoyne Rd.. Units remained on the scene for more than an hour and a half.

17th – Transferred during a second floor fire at 65 W. Louther St. in Carlisle.

19th – Assisted York County Company 67 (Monaghan Township) with a building fire at 307 Mountain Rd. Units remained on the scene for about two and a half hours .


23rd – Transferred twice during this day while other companies battled mountain fires.


14th – Assisted the Borough of Mechanicsburg with an apartment building on fire at 203 S. High St. Units remained on the scene for about two hours.

16th – Transferred as part of a multi-county response to a fire at the Department of Transportation Building on Forster St. in Harrisburg. The building was eventually abandoned, then used for USAR training, then destroyed and filmed as part of a major motion picture.


5th – Assisted Company 14 (Camp Hill Fire Company) on a three hour fuel spill on SR 581 east of US 15

9th – The company, assisted by Company 30 (Hampden Township Fire Company), was dispatched for a helicopter in a tree at the Thrift Travel Inn, Route 15 and Winding Hill Road. Units were only committed for seven minutes. Believed to be a Ultralite with no injuries.


7th – Transferred during house fire at 411 Miller Ave. in New Cumberland Borough. First alarm units remained on the scene for two and a half hours

24th – Assisted Company 24 (Lisburn Fire Company) on a house fire at 1441 Brandton Rd. in Lower Allen Township. Units were committed for three and a half hours.


21st – Assisted Company 31 (Silver Spring Community Fire Company) on a house fire across from 17 Pine Hill Rd. in Silver Spring Township. Units remained on the scene for over four hours.

25th – Assisted by Companies 27 (Citizens Fire & Rescue) , 28 (Washington), York County 67 (Monaghan Township), responded to a mobile home fire across from 5 Rolo Court. Units committed for nearly two hours.

26th – Record indicates that the company was committed on an auto accident for almost three hours. The location was 508 Mt. Allen Dr. indicating that the vehicle may have been in the woods!

29th – Units assisted Company 33 (New Kingstown Fire Company) et al, at a major fire at Carolina Freight off of Harrisburg Pike in Middlesex Township. The first due units were committed for over 17 hours!


29th – Transferred as part of a barn fire incident at 250 Carlisle Rd. in York County


27th – Responded to an auto accident, Rt. 15 at the county line. Remained on the scene for nearly three hours.


4th – Transferred as part of a multiple alarm garage row fire to the rear of 20 E. North St. in downtown Carlisle

14th – Transferred on a house fire, Wagner Dr. just off Sunset Dr. in Silver Spring Township

26th – Summoned for men pinned beneath a tree at 2332 S. Market St.