Daniela Kleinfeldt

Duty Night & Drills

Another productive Thursday night at UAFD!

Our dedicated members came together for a duty night, chipping in $2 each to enjoy a delicious dinner our talented UAFD support force prepared. After satisfying their taste buds, they geared up for some intense training.

Behind the station, our team engaged in Truck company run drills on our training stair tower. Our driver focused on apparatus positioning, striving for the perfect “scrub” angle with the aerial to maximize building coverage.

Meanwhile, the crew practiced throwing ladders swiftly and accurately, ensuring seamless access to elevated areas. Venting windows was another crucial task they tackled, mastering the techniques to improve ventilation during firefighting operations.

Not stopping there, our brave firefighters also trained in VentEnterSearch (VES). They executed this challenging maneuver from ladders and the bucket, ensuring they are prepared for any scenario where quick search and rescue is necessary.

We’re proud of our dedicated team for their commitment to continuous improvement and staying prepared for any emergency. Together, we strive for excellence in every aspect of firefighting.


Tuesday, June 27 Training: Pushing Boundaries

During our fill-site operations review, our Chief and Captain took training to the next level by challenging one of our newer interior-qualified firefighters in a unique way. They saw an opportunity to provide an exciting challenge and decided to put him to the test on the playground. Through exercises like these, we equip our firefighters with the skills and mindset needed to overcome any obstacle they may encounter in the line of duty.

Tuesday, June 27 Training: Mastering Fill Site Operations

Last night, the dedicated members of the Upper Allen Fire Department took their skills to the next level with comprehensive training on fill-site operations. Fill-sites are established at a pond, lake, or creek to pull water out and refill Tankers that are shuttling back to a fire. In some cases, fill-sites can be made off a hydrant in a neighboring community if a body of water is not closer.

With safety and efficiency in mind, our firefighters honed their expertise in managing crucial water-refilling processes to support our firefighting efforts.

Upper Allen Fire Department remains steadfast in our mission to protect and serve. Together, we’ll always be ready to face any fire-related emergency in our community! Stay safe!