Touring MASD Elementary Schools

Last night, UAFD and Mechanicsburg Fire Department took several tours of all the MASD Elementary Schools that had recent construction upgrades. The firefighters learned the building layout as far as mechanical/electrical rooms, sprinkler rooms and alarm panels.

The Fire Police also had their own training last night. They did some needed tabletop exercises to freshen their skills and set up their office. Thank you to LT. Dave Shafer for getting all the necessary supplies.

New Holmatro Tools

This year UAFD is thankful for a lot. One thing is the new Holmatro battery-operated rescue tools we got to replace our older Holmatro Hydraulic rescue tools.  These will aid us greatly in setup time with the ability to just pull them off the rig and press the power button, rather then stretch out the hoses and fire up a generator to run them. Also, maintenance is a lot less as well! No fuel, no oil, no mess.

We would like to thank:

The residents and the Commissioners of Upper Allen Township for making this happen.

Rich Seachrist and his crew at Specialized Fire Equipment Services Inc., for modifying our tool compartment and getting our Squad back before Thanksgiving.

Jimmy Artz at ESI Equipment Inc., for selling us the tools and giving us a training night on how to maintain and properly clean them after calls.


Annual Food Drive

Our Annual Food Drive this past Sunday, for Operation Wildcat and the Mechanicsburg School District was a huge success! We collected hundreds of bags filled with food and 82 turkeys.¬† It’s nice to always give back to the community in many ways.

Thank you again for your support!

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

On Sunday, November 21st, Upper Allen Fire Department held our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner to eat as a family. This was our 18th year doing this dinner. A total of 62 members and families attended.