2024 UAFD Info

UAFD Annual Banquet

Last evening, UAFD members held our awards banquet at Messiah University in the Martin Commons. This is an annual tradition to look back on all of our accomplishments throughout the year and to honor our members.

Congratulations to all of our hard working and dedicated members who received awards.

Milt Black – 10 years
Morgan Kunkel – 10 years
Chuck Murphy – 10 years
Pete Arcati – 5 years

Top 10 Responders (excluding Chief Officers)
Kevin McArdle – 432
Adam Harrison – 331
John Skalocky – 288
Jaden Wright – 255
Jim Salter – 234
Karl Kunkel – 230
Jacquie Hower – 193
Stephen Reitnour – 174
Mike Leininger – 170
Pierce Trujillo – 166

Top Training
Grace Wagner – 420.5 hours
Pierce Trujillo – 347 hours
Lexy Brady – 345 hours
Adam Harrison – 340 hours
Kevin McArdle – 155.5 hours

400+ Call Club
Kevin McArdle – 432
Kris Kaminski – 409

Chief’s Award – Kevin McArdle
Top Rookie – Grace Wagner
Top Admin – Matt Witmer
Top Driver – Karl Kunkel
Top Fire Police – Stephen Reitnour
Go To Guy – Brian Barnes
Member of the Year – Dave Shafer

Thank you to Messiah University for being such gracious hosts and thank you to Fairview Township Fire Department for providing a stand by crew while we enjoyed our evening of camaraderie.

Photos by Curt Werner.

The new Truck 23 goes in service!

The new Truck 23 was placed into service this evening at 1800 hours!!

Big thanks to our Township Commissioners, and the residents of Upper Allen for making this possible! This new tower ladder is a tremendous addition with the new features and technology it has to bring.

2024 Officers

At our January company meeting, our 2024 officers and fire police were sworn in by Commissioner Ken Martin.

Fire Officers:
Chief – Tom Shumberger Jr.
Deputy Chief – Ryan Kunkel
Assistant Chief – Kris Kaminski
Captain – Zach Shumberger
Lieutenant 1 – Jim Salter
Lieutenant 2 – Kevin McArdle
Lieutenant 3 – Adam Harrison
Engineer – Lavelle Hess
Asst. Engineer – Jaden Wright
Fire Police Captain – Dave Shafer
Fire Police Lieutenant- Dan Hower

Administrative Officers:
President – Ken Dean
Vice President – Pete Arcati
Treasurer – Virginia Kise
Financial Secretary – Kathie Shafer
Recording Secretary – Laura Heffelfinger
Membership Secretary – Amber Kaminski
Chaplain – Milt Black
Trustees – Karl Kunkel
Matt Witmer
Joe Heffelfinger
Jean McArdle

Snow Day


Not even a snow storm can slow our response time. Today, we’re staffed with eight firefighters who are standing by for any emergencies that occur.